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Abstract Submission extended to 30 Sept. 2021




English preferred (German Language possible)


Please note that the language you choose
for your abstract will be the language for your presentation.




Abstracts can be submitted to the following topics:


• Tropical and Emerging Infections

• Chronic Infections

• Immune Prevention and Therapy

• Antimicrobial Resistance


Once you have registered, you can use your Log-in data to make corrections in your abstract until the abstract deadline.




Abstracts can be submitted as lectures or posters.


After the evaluation by the scientific committee, all abstract submitters will be automatically informed about the acceptance or refusal of the abstract. In case of acceptance, you will also receive note about the presentation form (lecture or poster) and time of the presentation.


Please forward this notification to the presenting author if necessary.


Your abstract submission is only valid with your registration for the Annual Meeting.

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Abstracts should not exceed 3,000 characters, including bibliographical references and spaces (excluding author names and title). There will be no scope for a greater number of characters. Acceptance is only possible if the limit of 3,000 characters is not exceeded. Charts and graphics can be uploaded in .png or .jpg formats. No more than two graphics per abstract may be submitted, each of which may not exceed storage space of 2 MB.




The three best poster will be awarded with EUR 500,- each. The presentation of awards will take place during the Annual DZIF Meeting.


We would like to thank MSD Sharp & Dohme GmbH, Haar, for sponsoring the poster prizes.




The Abstract Book will be available online at the conference Website.




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